What is Pigeon Blood Ruby?

The Pigeon Blood Ruby stands as the most highly coveted variety of Ruby gemstones due to its exceptional color. Its name is derived from the striking resemblance of its hue to the blood of a freshly killed pigeon. This gemstone displays a vibrant shade of red with a subtle hint of purple, which appears even more intense when viewed under a light. Its distinct color effect has contributed to the Pigeon Blood Ruby's universal popularity, making it highly relevant in astrology.

While most Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstones are mined in Burma, many people mistakenly assume that this gemstone is synonymous with the Old Burma or Burmese Ruby. However, it is important to note that this gemstone is named after its uniquely beautiful color and not its place of origin.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Price

The natural Pigeon Blood Ruby is a gemstone of unparalleled rarity, even rarer than Diamonds. Its exceptional beauty and scarcity have made it a highly sought-after item among industrialists and wholesalers. The value of the Pigeon Blood Ruby is determined by the quality of its cut, color, and clarity, which all contribute to its overall allure.

According to records, the Ruby mines in Myanmar produce some of the world's most valuable gemstones, with millions of dollars worth of Pigeon Blood Ruby traded on international auction markets. The price of this gemstone starts at approximately $4665 per carat in the US, but it can increase significantly based on its color intensity and weight.

Quality Parameters of Pigeon Blood Ruby

Although the Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstone is renowned for its exceptional color, its overall quality is evaluated based on several other factors. These include its place of origin, color strength, clarity, and cut, all of which contribute to determining the finest quality Blood Red Ruby stone.

According to ethical standards, a large and well-faceted Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstone that exhibits a strong fluorescence, exceptional clarity, and deep red color is considered one of the rarest of all gemstones. Ruby gemstones of this exceptional quality are not typically sold through regular market channels but are auctioned off for millions of dollars due to their extraordinary rarity and beauty.


In the past, Pigeon Blood Rubies sourced from Burma, particularly from the Mong Hsu and Mogok mines, have been the mainstay of the gemstone industry. However, there has been a shift in recent years as natural Pigeon Blood Rubies have been discovered in other locations such as Madagascar, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Tajikistan, and Mozambique. Despite this, the Burmese Pigeon Blood Rubies continue to hold immense significance due to their rich and vivid red color and higher clarity compared to other sources.

The gemstone market has always been heavily influenced by rarity and uniqueness, and the Burmese Pigeon Blood Rubies are no exception. Their scarcity and quality have made them highly coveted among collectors and enthusiasts. The deep, striking red hue of these Rubies has been attributed to the presence of chromium, which is not found in significant quantities in other Ruby deposits. Additionally, the clarity of the Burmese Pigeon Blood Rubies is generally superior, with fewer inclusions or blemishes, making them even more valuable.

However, the Burmese monopoly on the gemstone industry has been challenged with the discovery of natural Pigeon Blood Rubies in other parts of the world. Rubies from Madagascar, for example, are becoming increasingly popular due to their comparable quality and beauty.


Pigeon Blood hue is a distinct shade of red in Rubies that lacks any traces of orange or brown overtones. Pigeon Blood red Rubies' vivid and pure coloration distinguishes them from other Rubies with a similar red hue. Burmese Rubies of this variety are known for their medium to strong fluorescence, whereas Pigeon Blood Rubies from Mozambique typically exhibit little to no fluorescence.

The richness and brilliance of the red color in Ruby gemstones are key factors that influence the value of Pigeon Blood Rubies. Stones with strong fluorescence generally command a higher price premium than those with no or weak fluorescence.


The majority of Rubies contain inclusions, even those with the finest color. It is rare to find a Ruby free of inclusions visible to the naked eye. Stones with large and prominent inclusions can hinder their transparency, thereby decreasing the value of Pigeon Blood Rubies. As a result, Rubies that are exceptionally clean and devoid of visible inclusions are highly prized and can command a higher premium.


A natural Blood red Ruby appears more radiant, pristine, and lustrous when expertly faceted. Although the cutting process results in weight loss, the improved overall appearance of the stone often compensates for this and increases its market worth. Pigeon Blood Ruby cabochons (non-faceted, polished stones) are less expensive than faceted stones because they retain their maximum weight.


Pigeon Blood Star Ruby is a rare and exclusive variety of Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstone that features a stunning visual effect known as Asterism or Star Effect. These Rubies contain tiny silk inclusions that produce a luminous, star-like pattern on the surface when viewed under a light source. Pigeon Blood Star Rubies are typically semi-transparent and shaped into a cabochon to create a perfect star effect on the smooth, polished upper surface. According to gem cutters, a well-shaped dome can showcase a bright and clear star effect, thereby increasing the gem's market value.

Carat weight

High-quality Rubies larger than a few carats are exceedingly rare in nature. As a result, the price per carat of Pigeon Blood Rubies increases exponentially as the carat weight exceeds two or more.

Purchasing good quality Pigeon Blood Ruby in the US

When eyeing a Pigeon Blood Ruby Stone, either offline or offline in the US, make sure the gemstone comes with a trustworthy gemstone certificate that holds all the essential information regarding the gemstone's authenticity. Navratan, the online gem bazaar, is one such gemstone dealer that provides gemstone certificates as proof of originality for the products sold.